Monthly Archives: December 2011

NEWS: Meet the New Media Volunteer, Aaron!

Hello all! My name is Aaron and I am the new Media Volunteer. If some of you have noticed a new poster, that’s me.


Top 5 things about me:

Favorite Book: Norwegian Wood

Favorite Movie: A Bittersweet Life

Favorite Activity: Hanging with family

Favorite TV Show: White Collar

Favorite Food: Dim Sum

So Aaron, why did you volunteer at NCPP? I’ve volunteered at non-profits in College before, but once I finished the semester that was usually the end of the story. After finishing College I thought volunteering/ interning would be a good way to learn and give back to the community.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Traveling outside the United States, expanding my horizons more or less.


Thanks for taking the time in reading this little ‘About Me.’


YOUTH: Stay in Shape with YspaceSMC

Worried about Winter Break and not eating healthy? Work with YspaceSMC for a healthier community. YspaceSMC is an online community working with youth to combat obesity. By staying connected with peers, identifying safe places to play, and access to fresh foods, youth can take a bite against obesity.

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