COMMUNITY: The Future Public Health Leaders Program

Public Health is a community issue at heart.  Minorities are often underrepresented from Census counts, but overrepresented in prisons. Public Health services are often limited when dealing with minorities, who often have cultural stigmas seeking help in addition to their health issues. Language barriers, lack of awareness, and health care cost all contribute to the low numbers of minorities seeking public health services. The goal of the Future Public Health Leaders Program (FPHLP), is to find participants with similar backgrounds as the under-served who understand the struggles of minorities seeking Public Health services. By providing the next generation of Public Health Leaders with the right tools and mentoring the FPHLP is invested in developing the leaders of tomorrow.

The Future Public Health Leaders Program (FPHLP) provided by the University of Michigan is an effort to increase the presence of minorities in the field of Public Health. There is a recognized need for more minorities in Public Health and we must start now by looking within our own communities to grow the next generation of leaders. By looking into our communities for the next generation of leaders, FPHLP is seeking those with the cultural awareness to bridge the gap between providers and patients. The FPHLP is a 10-week program that will provide participants with the real world experience needed to tackle healthcare inequalities.


The fast approaching deadline is February 10, 2012 register today.


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