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Latest News from the NCPP

Prevention Training Academy, July 2017

San Mateo County is offering a training academy focused on prevention.  Please see the upcoming calendar of July trainings.  We highly encourage both youth and adults to attend, as these trainings are open to the public and community.  No prior knowledge or skills required.  Come and learn about these important substance prevention issues.

Register using the links below the following descriptions:

Alcohol 101: The Health Impacts of Alcohol (July 11, 10am-12pm)

Dr. Brian GreenBerg, Ph.D, VP, Programs & Services at LifeMoves, discusses the health impacts of alcohol use including how alcohol dependence develops and the signs of alcohol dependence and addiction.

Alcohol Initiatives: Community Change (July 11, 1pm-3pm)
Fahad Qurahsi, Bay Area Director of Programs, Youth Leadership Inistitute, introduces the framework of environmental prevention, a community change approach that examines many factors influencing what may be perceived as isolated, individual choices. Participants will have the opportunity to have the nuts and bolts of environmental prevention based initiatives that focus on restricting underage access and use of alcohol and using that knowledge to explore initiatives that will impact their respective communities.

Marijuana 101: Health Impacts of Marijuana (July 25, 12:15pm-2:15pm)
Ralph Cantor, M.A., Educational Consultant, discusses the health impacts of marijuana use focusing on the effects of marijuana use on the adolescent brain and development. His presentation will incorporate recent scientific evidence around the health impacts of marijuana use.

Marijuana Prevention in a Post-Legalization Era (July 25, 2:30pm-4:30pm)
Dr. Sue Nelson, EdD, Division Director, Children, Family and Community Services, Behavioral Health Department, Department of Alcohol and Drug Services, provides an overview of Prop 64 and discusses local opportunities for marijuana prevention in a post-legalization era.

San Mateo County Public Opinion Survey on Marijuana

Hey folks!  San Mateo County wants to hear from you!  Please consider taking this survey, which takes about 5 minutes, to give your opinions and feedback on the topic of marijuana.

Here’s some additional information about the survey:

  • San Mateo County (SMC) wants to be proactive with the upcoming potential for CA voters to legalize recreational marijuana on the November ballot.
  • The purpose of the marijuana survey is to assess current public knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about marijuana, for the purpose of evaluation and planning for future prevention programs and/or other county services.  The County hopes to collect at least 900 surveys from residents in the entire County through the various regional prevention partnerships that are implementing the surveys in their own communities.
  • SMC is also working closely with staff and members of the San Mateo County Tobacco Education Coalition (TEC).  This group has been around for about 17+ years, and has helped tremendously with advocacy and partnership with councilmembers to create and pass progressive tobacco policies throughout the county.  The hope is that TEC can share their knowledge and resources for tobacco prevention and apply it to marijuana prevention, especially in regards to reducing youth access, and holding merchants accountable for adhering to responsible selling practices.
  • Taking the survey is anonymous and confidential.  No personal information is collected, and no one will follow up with the person taking the survey.  SMC hopes that people will answer the survey honestly, so that better strategies and programs for marijuana prevention can be developed to meet the needs of communities.  There will be no retaliation or penalty from any San Mateo County agency or law enforcement for honest answers.
  • In North County, there are three links to take the survey, based on which city the participant lives in.  One link is for residents of SSF, Brisbane, or Millbrae.  Another link is for residents of Daly City or Colma.  The third link is for residents of Pacifica or San Bruno.  If someone wants to take the survey but does not live in any of the North County cities listed, they can choose any of those three links to take the survey, so long as they are a resident of San Mateo County.

Marijuana Survey News Release July 2016

SAVE THE DATE: NCPP Photovoice Gallery Display, Weds 11-18-2015

Please save the date and come see the results of the NCPP Summer 2015 Photovoice project in South San Francisco!  Event will be at the SSF Municipal Building in the Butterfly Room, and will feature refreshments, speeches, and a Q&A session with the audience.  Hope to see you there!

Photovoice Gallery Show Flyer FINAL 11-18-2015

Project ASAP & Project 4PLAY Close-out Meeting 8-25-2015


Join our partners from Project ASAP (Asian & Pacific Islanders for Sexual-health Awareness and substance abuse Prevention) and Project 4PLAY (4 County Prevention and Leadership for Asian & Pacific Islander Young Adults) for the close-out meeting to their five-year SAMHSA grant.  The staff will share highlights of the data they’ve gathered, and share some perspectives on the work they’ve done in substance abuse prevention and sexual health education.


NCPP Retail Signage Collaboration

The NCPP is collaborating with two prevention partnerships in the county (One East Palo Alto and Youth Leadership Institute) along with the San Mateo County Health System.
In an effort to reduce teen alcohol abuse, retail stores selling alcohol will be posting signs stating that alcohol can only be bought by persons 21 years old or over.
These signs will be translated into multiple languages, and in order to ensure the accuracy of these translations, we would much appreciate it if anyone speaking ‪‎Arabic‬, ‪‎Burmese‬, ‪‎Chinese‬,‪ Farsi‬, ‪Korean‬, ‪‎Portuguese‬, ‎Russian‬ , ‎Samoan‬, ‎Spanish‬ ‪,Tagalog‬ , Tongan‬, or ‎Vietnamese‬ reviews the messages for the retail signage campaign!

Please click here to review the text–thank you!