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Latest News from the NCPP

YOUTH: Youth Quest 2012 Register by March 2nd

Are you a provider, working with youths dealing with tobacco and other drug issues? Ever think the solution to the problem could be solved by finding out how tobacco is made? If the trend is going green, ask yourself “What can I do to help?” and talk with the people with the power to make a difference. Make yourself heard by joining Youth Quest 2012.


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COMMUNITY: Liwanag at 1st Annual Asian American Cultural Festival

On Sunday, January 22nd, 2012, Daly City held its first 1st Annual Asian American Cultural Festival at Classic Bowl.  Our NCPP partners over at the Liwanag Kultural Center attended this event to support the cause for fostering understanding and appreciation of all aspects of Asian American culture in Daly City and the greater San Mateo County area, as well as to outreach for LKC’s 3 programs, the Pilipino Youth Coalition (PYC), Kalayaan School for Equity (KSE), and Unity.Brotherhood.Empowerment (UBE).

Check out our partners from Liwanag Kultural Center representing strongly for their organization!

NEWS: ACOE School Wellness and Safety Programs Thursday January 19, 2012

On January 19th 2012 the ACOE School Wellness and Safety Programs is offering the  Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Symposium. The symposium will be an opportunity for educators and providers to learn why teenagers are attracted to these drugs and educate them on counseling and prevention measures.

(Click below to download the Alcohol and Adolescents)

(Click below to download the Marijuana and the Teenage Brain PDF)

(Click below to download the Trends in Alcohol and Drugs PDF)