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Latest News from the NCPP

South San Francisco Drug-Free Communities Coalition Kickoff Event on Thursday 02-12-2015 from 5:30pm-7:30pm at SSF Municipal Building

Are you passionate about South San Francisco? Interested in providing opportunities for young people? Would you like to get involved and help make a difference?

Join the North County Prevention Partnership (NCPP) as we kickoff a South San Francisco focused network-ing event to explore the ways in which we can collaborate with each other to provide young people with meaningful opportunities so that they avoid the pitfalls of alcohol and drug use, and realize their full potential.

DFC Kickoff Mtg Feb 2015

First reading of the Social Host Ordinance draft policy at Daly City Council meeting 10-13-2014

Members of Be The Change (BTC) youth council, NCPP staff, and community partners attended the October 13th meeting of the Daly City Council to be present and provide comments for the first reading of the Social Host Ordinance (SHO) draft policy in Daly City.  Since BTC’s presentation to the Daly City Council on June 16th, 2014 of their Findings & Recommendations report from the 2013 Youth Access Survey in Jefferson Union High School District (JUHSD), Mayor David Canepa had become interested in addressing the issue of a high percentage of youth reporting underage drinking occurring in their home, or the home of their friend, and how oftentimes parents are unaware that underage drinking is taking place in their home.  In the past few months since BTC presented to City Council, Mayor Canepa consulted with NCPP for more information about SHO, and worked with the City Attorney and Daly City Police Department to develop a draft policy of the ordinance.

Daly City Chief of Police Manny Martinez addressing City Council regarding the law enforcement perspective for the draft of the Social Host Ordinance introduced by Mayor David Canepa.

Daly City Chief of Police Manny Martinez addressing City Council regarding the law enforcement perspective for the draft of the Social Host Ordinance introduced by Mayor David Canepa.

This evening marked a small victory in the process, as City Council voted 4-1 to approve the revision of the SHO with higher and more clearly outlined fee minimums in an effort to serve as a strong deterrent for parents who may be hosting underage drinking parties in their home.  Please stay tuned for updates on when the SHO policy revision will be presented once again to Daly City Council in the near future.

NCPP would like to thank the following:

  • BTC team leaders Hao Lin and Angela,
  • NCPP consultant Mary Bier,
  • Partners Nancy Eagan (retired JUHSD) and Anthony Heimuli (Youth Leadership Institute),
  • Mayor David Canepa,
  • DC Police Chief Manny Martinez,
  • City Manager Martel & City Attorney Rose Zimmerman
  • Daly City Council for recognizing SHO as a proactive measure and deterrent for parents to host underage drinking parties that can have potentially deadly outcomes


First reading of the Social Host Ordinance draft policy, 10-13-2014

BTC presenting Findings & Recommendations report from 2013 Youth Access Survey to Daly City Council, 6-9-2014

BTC Presents to HealthRIGHT 360 Board of Directors 5-28-14

The HealthRIGHT 360 Board of Directors invited Be The Change youth collaborative to present their Findings & Recommendations from the 2013 Youth Access Survey at a board meeting in San Francisco on 5/28/2014.  Mary and Ingrid provided a brief overview and background of the work of NCPP before the youth presented.  The board members really seemed to enjoy the presentation and asked thoughtful questions about the survey methodology and findings.  Everyone had great time walking together and taking BART to get to the HR360 office at 1735 Mission Street in San Francisco.

BTC Pres to HR360 5-28-14-9806web

Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community Interview – San Mateo County 3/5/2014

Edith Cabuslay, the San Mateo Chronic Diseases & Injury Prevention Unit Manger, talks about our experiences in San Mateo County with the Healthy Retailer project.  Did you know, Edith also sits as a member of our Steering Committee on our South San Francisco Drug-Free Communities grant?  Go Edith!

View the press release and other resources on the Contra Costa Health Services website.

Click on the image to view the video.

Edith Healthy Retailer

PHOTOS: CADCA’s 24th National Leadership Forum, National Harbor, Maryland, 2/3-6/2014

NCPP staff Athila Lambino and Steering Committee member Mary Bier attended the National Leadership Forum at the beautiful Gaylord Convention Center & Resort, a few miles south of Washington DC.  The 4-day event focused on “The Power of the Movement,” and included workshops, exhibitions, SAMHSA’s 10th Annual Prevention Day, Capitol Hill Day, National Youth Leadership Initiative (NYLI) events, and of course the Graduation ceremony for the 2013 National Coalition Academy cohort of coalitions.

Staff attended various events and networked with other prevention coalitions across the county.  They reconnected with David Mineta, the former Deputy Director of Asian American Recovery Services and current Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s Office of Demand Reduction.  Our NCPP ambassadors also participated in Capitol Hill day, where coalition members were shuttled to meet with their state and local representatives in their Washington DC offices.  Athila and Mary met with Congresswoman Speier’s aide and explained the importance of the Drug-Free Communities Support Grant that NCPP currently receives, along with the current prevention and policy work in Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBST), Social Host Ordinance (SHO), and Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) happening in Daly City, Pacifica, and South San Francisco respectively.  NCPP members also attended the exhibition hall events and networked with coalition reps across the country to learn more about their best practices for everything from running a healthy coalition to knowledge learned when conducting prevention efforts at community events that feature alcoholic beverages.  They also witnessed a special guest appearance by popular R&B singer “Mario”, who came to speak to NYLI youth about his experience growing up while his mom was in the midst of heroin addiction, and how he started the Mario Do Right Foundation to help out youth who were experiencing similar problems.

The National Leadership Forum provided lots of information and inspiration for NCPP to continue moving forward as prevention innovators and advocates in Northern San Mateo County.  Thank you to our National Coalition Academy instructors Dave Shavel and Teresa Bishop; our Coalition Academy classmates across the country; the NCPP Steering Committee; and CADCA, SAMHSA, and ONDCP for allowing us to participate in this amazing event!


Mario Barrett & the Mario Do Right Foundation

CADCA Forum 2014-0916web Mission Statement: The Mario Do Right Foundation is a non-profit youth development organization with emphasis on substance abuse prevention.  The organization provides education, awareness and support to children of addicted parents (COAP).


While best known for his songs, Just A Friend, Let Me Love You, and How Do I Breathe, check out the music video for the song Do Right that he dedicated to his mother suffering from heroin addiction.  Check out his iTunes store if you’d like to support him.